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After-sale service

1. Product warranty clause

Microlab electric appliances will strictly abide by the relevant laws issued by the state in order to make consumers feel satisfied and satisfied with it, and comply with the specific provisions and relevant provisions of the regulations on repair, replacement and refund of microcomputers, and stipulate the after-sales service system of our company.

(1) the consumer should complete the content of the warranty card and stamp the dealer's seal when buying the machine.

(2) the term of service:

Microlab electric appliances promise the good quality of products. When the products are on sale within 7 days from the date of sale, they will fail when they are used normally, so consumers can choose to return, replace or repair products without cost. After the consumer purchases the machine normally within one year, the failure can be guaranteed free of charge. For consumers who do not meet the requirements of free replacement or free warranty, our company still provides technical services, and when we need to repair and replace parts, we charge materials fees.

(3) the purchase time is subject to the purchase invoice or date of receipt issued by the dealer.

(4) one of the following cases cannot enjoy the "three package" service:

1) all human factors are damaged, including failure and damage caused by the use of computers under abnormal working conditions, or not in accordance with instructions or instructions.

2) without the consent of the company, unauthorized users to repair, disassemble, modification;

3) damage caused by bad transportation after the purchase of the machine;

4) damage caused by other unresistable forces (such as floods, lightning strikes, earthquakes, abnormal voltages);

5) normal use of old, worn and broken, rusty or impregnated,

6) products that do not belong to the company (such as counterfeit goods);

7) no effective purchase certificate, no warranty card;

8) damage to the bar code of the fuselage;

(5) after-sale maintenance, freight charges on their own.

Two. The process of product replacement and warranty

After a failure in the use of the client, the customer should bring the invoice to the distributor to contact the warranty service. If the problem is not properly solved, please call or letter to our customer service department. We will solve the problem for you in the shortest time.

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