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Microlab in 2015 CES

CES2016 has taken place on January 6, Las Vegas, Nevada. Microlab, as one of the leading speaker brands and manufacturers in China, launched two lately Hi-Tech home speakers with 5.2/5.8G wireless technology, Kernel-TV Bar and Kernel-Box.

Microlab won Best Speakers 2014 in Britain

KitGuru went live with its Annual Awards for the ‘Best of the Best’ in 2014 on 5th January 2015(UK time).Microlab has won Best Speakers 2014 for the Microlab Solo 8C 2.0.

New honor: The national brand in Guangdong

On 19th November,2015, Microlab emerged victorious among thousands of candidates and won the honor " The national brand in Guangdong".
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