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Microlab electronics shine shine Hongkong autumn

2016/12/6 16:45:44

October 13, 2016, Shenzhen Microlab electric appliance (Microlab) with a new series of speaker products in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center grand debut, by the attention of many countries and regions and hot holding. Four days of the exhibition, Microlab electric traditional multimedia speakers, portable speakers, new top / wall speaker series and outdoor speakers, attracting a large number of professional buyers of consulting. Microlab electric appliances, from the first domestic manufacturing enterprises to the 2.1 channel speaker, global marketing international well-known brand audio, pioneering and innovation during the past more than and 10 years, Microlab in the acoustic field, to allow more consumers to enjoy high-quality music life, experience the ultimate audio art.

               Microlab exhibitors take the initiative to promote products and actively discuss cooperation with customers

The exhibition, Microlab shows Microlab's new products to customers around the world in Hongkong, for example, embedded into the wall / ceiling speakers new, some type of tweeter uses titanium membrane material, has the quality of transparent, clear, high sensitivity characteristics, the bass section of the glass fiber or PP cone, create excellent pure sound quality, and product installation is simple and quick, the living room becomes the cinema, bring a new home video wonderful life. Of course, we can also provide such as the use of public broadcasting products in supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, clubs and other places.

Microlab booth consulting customers in a continuous line
Hongkong exhibition, Microlab has also brought a number of personalized shapes and a variety of color outdoor speakers. For example, other speakers can outdoor rockery places into the park, perfect square, harmonious integration of music and environment, enjoy the sunshine and rest in the music.
Microlab focus speaker 20 years, the pursuit of innovation and excellence in the footsteps never stop. And this is all for the vast number of consumers to provide the most perfect audio-visual experience. Microlab, the world's extraordinary use of acoustics.

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