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CES2016 Microlab Home Speaker Kernel-TV Bar On-site Experience

2016/12/6 9:26:17

CES 2016 has kicked off on Jan 6 in Las Vegas, USA. Microlab, as one of the famous speaker manufacturer in China, unveiled a new home speaker Kernel-TV Bar in CES. I've got the chance to take a shot at the speaker in the listening room on site. What a wonderful experience!

Microlab wireless home speaker Kernel-TV Bar draws much attention from customers and medium

Microlab Kernel-TV Bar is a brand new TV sound system for home with small, innovative and stylish design. Microlab gets rid of the traditional long shape design in order to save more room for a small house or an apartment. What's shocked to us is that it's equipped with 6 speakers making full use of interior space and performing fantastic sound effects.

Kernel-TV Bar is featured by its sub-woofer design, totally different from old square and chunky shape. The uniquely designed round and square loop shape goes with nowadays trendy home design. Otherwise, it's attached with a wall-mounting bracket for optional installation on wall. What's more, Kernel-TV Bar applies to the new generation 5.2/5.8G wireless transmission technology, with the features of " fast speed, high anti-interference, wide transmission range, good stability".

When I was watching the movie trailer of <Star Wars: The Force Awakens> in Microlab's listening room, I had the strong feeling that I'm involved in the star war. The deep bass and sensational surround sound is really awesome! There's no doubt that Kernel-TV Bar is a perfect device for small home theatre.  


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